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10/03/2019 Stephen King’s Caged Children  Writing
10/02/2018 Top 10 Defenses of Kavanaugh (and What’s Wrong With Them)  Politics / Writing
04/23/2018 No Concessions  Politics
05/21/2017 Bring On Pence  Politics / Writing
05/18/2017 Tramp the Dirt Down  Politics / Writing
03/07/2017 Movie Loves, Lost and Found  Movies / Writing
03/01/2017 The Art of the Sale  Politics
02/17/2017 Out of Touch  Politics / Writing
02/01/2017 Silent Third Panel  Cartoons / Writing
12/29/2016 Of Grosse Pointe and David Simon  Politics / Writing
11/29/2016 Meadow House 1  Design
08/24/2016 David Brooks: Retrograde Motion  Politics
01/11/2016 Bowie Saved Me  Writing
12/18/2015 My Star Wars  Movies / Writing
08/17/2015 It’s Over and You Missed It  Writing
08/11/2015 True Detective Reinvented the Noir Tradition  Writing
07/24/2015 Trump is Hitler (Part II)  Politics
07/21/2015 Trump is Hitler  Politics
06/24/2015 Ralphie and Jordan in “Garry Trudeau Mode”  Cartoons / Politics
05/22/2015 Mad Men Outgrew Its Ads  Writing
05/12/2015 If Modern TV Critics Reviewed The Great Gatsby  Books / Writing
05/03/2015 Author Photo  Cartoons
04/28/2015 It’s Not the Apple Watch That’s Inadequate; it’s Me  Tech / Writing
03/09/2015 Saul Won’t Break Bad—And That’s Good  Writing
03/07/2015 Star Trek Paperback Covers  Books / Design / Writing
11/26/2014 Ralphie Reviews the new iPhone 6  Cartoons
11/04/2014 Get Rid of the Guns  Politics
10/31/2014 The Art of Parody  Design
06/18/2014 Perfection or Calcification?  Cartoons / Writing
12/13/2013 Top Ten Visual Designs in Cinematic Science Fiction  Design / Movies
11/08/2013 I dreamed I was talking to David Bowie  Writing
10/17/2013 Monument  Cartoons
10/08/2013 Good and Evil, Law and Language  Politics / Writing
09/29/2013 How Breaking Bad Will End  Writing
07/29/2013 One Cow’s Opinion  Cartoons
05/14/2013 Aunt Mary’s Kitchen  Cartoons
05/11/2013 Apparent Retrograde Motion  Politics
05/04/2013 There is No Moriarty  Books / Writing
05/03/2013 Not With a Bang  Politics / Writing
03/06/2013 Why Everyone Hates Anne Hathaway  Movies
03/04/2013 How Long Ago  Politics / Writing
03/01/2013 Popes: Velásquez and Bacon  Politics
01/25/2013 Yet Another Reason I Can’t Stand John Updike  Writing
12/04/2012 The Message of All Eugene O’Neill  Writing
11/18/2012 Pirates of the Imagination  Movies
11/09/2012 The Makers and the Takers  Politics
11/05/2012 The Rules of Fiction: Fantasy Technology  Writing
08/01/2012 The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”: Why does this work?  Writing
07/20/2012 Violence and Politics (and recursion)  Politics
07/14/2012 If Ordinary People Had the Same Resources as Celebrities  Cartoons
07/09/2012 Sound Effects  Cartoons
06/15/2012 Receipts  Writing
06/11/2012 Alliterative Cinematic Generational Icons  Movies
05/31/2012 1970 Sesame Street: My Digital Re-creation  Design
05/09/2012 The ubiquitous “OH-HELLYEAH” key  Writing
05/02/2012 There’s more to Bullitt than just that car chase  Movies / Writing
05/02/2012 My Mad Men predictions  Writing
04/25/2012 M. Night Shyamalan movie  Writing
04/11/2012 Movie trailers  Movies / Politics / Writing
03/26/2012 Brad Pitt’s cinematic TED Talks  Movies / Politics
02/17/2012 Wealth disparity apologists: the rhetoric of need  Politics
02/12/2012 Bill Watterson and reality  Comics
02/10/2012 Religious politics vs. Hegelian “philosophy of right” in the courtroom  Politics
02/08/2012 Alan Moore video chat  Comics
02/07/2012 Monopoly patent  Design
02/05/2012 Fincher’s “reel” vs. “real” police procedurals  Movies
02/04/2012 The Indiana Senate forces “alternatives” to evolution into classrooms  Politics
02/02/2012 Watchmen prequels  Comics
02/01/2012 Elizabeth Drew in NYRB  Politics
01/29/2012 The Zone  Horrorthon Posts
01/24/2012 You can’t see the actor  Horrorthon Posts / Movies
01/21/2012 The new iBooks and education  Tech
01/19/2012 space heater  Cartoons
01/17/2012 2012 predictions  Horrorthon Posts
01/13/2012 Oscar Goldman’s desk?  Horrorthon Posts
01/11/2012 3D  Horrorthon Posts
01/10/2012 2012 selective geek calendar  Horrorthon Posts
01/04/2012 Jordan’s anti- anti-CGI rant  Horrorthon Posts
12/29/2011 Two fantastic websites  Horrorthon Posts
12/20/2011 I Am Legend with Alternate Ending is AMAZING  Horrorthon Posts
12/08/2011 Coulrophobia  Horrorthon Posts
12/02/2011 The Walking Dead  Horrorthon Posts
09/26/2011 Calling on the Oscar Goldman phone  Horrorthon Posts
09/08/2011 Today is the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek  Horrorthon Posts
09/07/2011 Little Cat’s not going to make it  Horrorthon Posts
08/31/2011 The Amazing Spider-Man  Horrorthon Posts
08/09/2011 Why I hate “Family Circus”  Horrorthon Posts
08/09/2011 New Tintin poster!  Horrorthon Posts
07/28/2011 Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always Work!!  Horrorthon Posts
07/26/2011 ASSEMBLE  Horrorthon Posts
07/16/2011 Wen hasst du am meisten? Wie weit würdest du gehen? Heute is der tag zum handeln.  Horrorthon Posts
07/04/2011 Tex Avery’s cityscapes  Horrorthon Posts
07/01/2011 Tex Avery  Horrorthon Posts
05/02/2011 Didn’t win  Horrorthon Posts
04/11/2011 Hard to believe it was only 12 years ago…  Horrorthon Posts
02/17/2011 Signs  Horrorthon Posts
02/03/2011 Soggo  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
02/01/2011 Soggo  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
01/25/2011 A Mighty River: “How YOU can help” (me)  Horrorthon Posts
01/21/2011   Horrorthon Posts
01/19/2011 Nominated for an Edgar!  Horrorthon Posts
01/19/2011 Best critic dis ever?  Horrorthon Posts
12/11/2010 More LEGO STOPMOTION Goodies For Octopunk: Apple Engineer Recreating 2000-Year-Old Computer Using Lego  Horrorthon Posts
12/11/2010 Koko’s Earth Control  Horrorthon Posts
11/08/2010 The Silence of the Lambs  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/31/2010 The Blair Witch Project  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/14/2010 Shutter Island  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
07/27/2010 What is 7 Souls?  Horrorthon Posts
07/18/2010 God of War Indie Film  Horrorthon Posts
07/02/2010 Epilogue: the final masterstroke detail  Horrorthon Posts
07/02/2010 I’ve decided to write like Arthur C. Clarke  Horrorthon Posts
07/02/2010 UPDATE: Great Cinematic Moments of the Bass Coming In (now you can WATCH them!)  Horrorthon Posts
07/02/2010 5 Great Cinematic Moments of the Bass Coming In (shoutout to 50PageMcGee)  Horrorthon Posts
06/29/2010 The Next Generation  Horrorthon Posts
06/27/2010 What were George Lucas’ five best Star Wars ideas?  Horrorthon Posts
06/25/2010 Toy Story 3  Horrorthon Posts
06/23/2010 Who’s better, Jerry Bruckheimer or Joel Silver?  Horrorthon Posts
06/20/2010 Are You Happie™?  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
06/14/2010 Submitted without comment  Horrorthon Posts
06/09/2010 Submitted without comment  Horrorthon Posts
06/04/2010 Submitted without comment  Horrorthon Posts
06/03/2010 November 13th 2000 THE NATION cover  Horrorthon Posts
06/02/2010 What if I don’t?  Horrorthon Posts
05/23/2010 7 Souls  Horrorthon Posts
05/20/2010 No spoilers; one comment  Horrorthon Posts
05/13/2010 I must own this (or give it to my grandmother)  Horrorthon Posts
05/10/2010 Big Lego  Horrorthon Posts
05/05/2010 How Captain Kirk Changed the World  Horrorthon Posts
04/28/2010 5 traditional Star Trek elements I would like to see in the next movie  Horrorthon Posts
04/26/2010 More Bill Elder!  Horrorthon Posts
04/26/2010 Favorite panel  Horrorthon Posts
04/25/2010 Starchie  Horrorthon Posts
04/19/2010 Horrorthon blues  Horrorthon Posts
04/17/2010 More Avatar  Horrorthon Posts
04/17/2010 Mazes 2  Horrorthon Posts
04/16/2010 Mazes  Horrorthon Posts
04/12/2010 That Big Thing Back There 7  Horrorthon Posts
04/09/2010 Barbara Bain as Dr. Helena Russell: Her debut scene  Horrorthon Posts
04/08/2010 Okay, okay…  Horrorthon Posts
04/08/2010 Hey, JPX, how are you liking “Space: 1999”?  Horrorthon Posts
04/02/2010 The Internet in 1969  Horrorthon Posts
04/01/2010 Undercover Boss  Horrorthon Posts
03/31/2010 Jordan’s modern “2001: A Space Odyssey” trailer  Horrorthon Posts
03/24/2010 That Big Thing Back There 6  Horrorthon Posts
03/23/2010 ConEd is not screwing around  Horrorthon Posts
03/23/2010 That Big Thing Back There 5  Horrorthon Posts
03/18/2010 That Big Thing Back There 3  Horrorthon Posts
03/18/2010 That Big Thing Back There  Horrorthon Posts
02/25/2010 James Blish  Horrorthon Posts
02/24/2010 The Old Paperbacks! Pt. II: Complete Blish Covers  Horrorthon Posts
02/16/2010 The old paperbacks! (updated below)  Horrorthon Posts
02/15/2010 A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope  Horrorthon Posts
02/05/2010 “The Expando Machine” 1991 original versions  Horrorthon Posts
02/02/2010 “The Expando Machine” is done (in HD!)  Horrorthon Posts
01/25/2010 Master of the Sideways Hand Technique  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
01/22/2010 Cartoon Jordan and Cartoon Octopunk  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
01/21/2010 Cartoon Jordan  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
01/11/2010 Avatar  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
12/29/2009 Crossing the “Uncanny Valley”  Horrorthon Posts
12/27/2009 Your Complete Guide to Saving Movie Theater Seats  Horrorthon Posts
12/22/2009 Silent Hill  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
12/19/2009 The man gets around  Horrorthon Posts
12/17/2009 Coconut-Carrying Octopus: First Evidence Of Tool Use In Invertebrate, Researcher ‘Gobsmacked’  Horrorthon Posts
12/16/2009 It’s starting to look like Avatar is actually really good  Horrorthon Posts
12/13/2009 Near Dark  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
12/12/2009 New Post  Horrorthon Posts
12/09/2009 Dr. X  Horrorthon Posts
12/04/2009 Patton Oswalt: “At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel”  Horrorthon Posts
12/02/2009 Jordan’s Best of Horrorthon 2009  Horrorthon Posts
11/30/2009 The Ring  Horrorthon Posts
11/26/2009 Genius I tell you!  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
11/02/2009 Interlude 3 (SUPER-GEEK edition)  Horrorthon Posts
10/31/2009 The Jacket  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/30/2009 Interlude 2: Aeon Flux “Tide”  Horrorthon Posts
10/30/2009 Interlude: the Marathon Man score  Horrorthon Posts
10/25/2009 The Boys From Brazil  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/25/2009 The Vanishing  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/24/2009 28 Weeks Later  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/23/2009 Alien Resurrection  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/14/2009 Trick ‘r Treat  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/13/2009 Catfreeek Movie  Horrorthon Posts
10/13/2009 Hostel Part II  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/12/2009 Teenage Boys  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
10/11/2009 Interim post (Dateline: Stockbridge MA)  Horrorthon Posts
10/10/2009 Quarantine  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/08/2009 The Omen  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/08/2009 The Strangers  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/07/2009 Hostel  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/02/2009 My enemies are all around me  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
09/25/2009 October’s coming  Horrorthon Posts
09/22/2009 Submitted without comment  Horrorthon Posts
09/22/2009 Monster Evil Protact  Horrorthon Posts
09/15/2009 Billboard, April 4, 1964  Horrorthon Posts
09/12/2009 Remastered  Horrorthon Posts
09/07/2009 I’ve got this whole “Avatar” thing all figured out  Horrorthon Posts
08/28/2009 The J-27  Horrorthon Posts
08/21/2009 Avatar vs. Delgo  Horrorthon Posts
08/17/2009 District 9  Horrorthon Posts
07/31/2009 Some random video goodness  Horrorthon Posts
07/21/2009 Watchmen Extended Director’s Cut  Horrorthon Posts
07/06/2009 Take a ride  Horrorthon Posts
06/29/2009 George Pal vs. Roland Emmerich  Horrorthon Posts
06/29/2009 Nobody likes my posts!  Horrorthon Posts
05/29/2009 Boris Artzybasheff’s WWII art  Horrorthon Posts
05/20/2009 Star Trek SPOILER thread—is BACK  Horrorthon Posts
05/18/2009 Star Trek visuals/design geek discussion  Horrorthon Posts
05/15/2009 Zack On My Back  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
05/13/2009 Don Martin Dept.  Horrorthon Posts
04/28/2009 Star Trek IMAX tickets!  Horrorthon Posts
04/28/2009 Horrorthon “virginity optimization” project (needs a new name)  Horrorthon Posts
04/17/2009 Draft complete; Jordan emerges from bathysphere  Horrorthon Posts
03/26/2009 Crabs, Robots  Horrorthon Posts
02/06/2009 Diary of the Dead  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
01/27/2009 I’m obsessed!  Horrorthon Posts
12/28/2008 Merry Christmas/Asteroid Strikes Earth  Horrorthon Posts
12/09/2008 Shout out from Jordan  Horrorthon Posts
09/18/2008 SKUM-X®  Horrorthon Posts
07/28/2008 Who Watches The Watchmen Trailer?  Horrorthon Posts
07/17/2008 Red Car Redux  Horrorthon Posts
07/17/2008 Jordan takes the “grandfather’s car” thing to the next level: HOT WHEELS!  Horrorthon Posts
07/09/2008 Red Car  Horrorthon Posts
06/24/2008 Coming to Horrorthon Soon  Horrorthon Posts
06/24/2008 Farewell, old friend  Horrorthon Posts
06/23/2008 Unfortunate contrast  Horrorthon Posts
06/19/2008 V2  Horrorthon Posts
06/12/2008 Hulk Bore  Horrorthon Posts
06/09/2008 Jordan’s Two Songs  Horrorthon Posts
06/08/2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  Horrorthon Posts
06/05/2008 What Jordan Has Been Doing All Day (and Night)  Horrorthon Posts
02/22/2008 LOST knows what they’re doing  Horrorthon Posts
02/20/2008 What Horrorthon is Teaching Me About TOS  Horrorthon Posts
02/19/2008 TOS SE Recommended  Horrorthon Posts
02/17/2008 Jordan renders II  Horrorthon Posts
02/16/2008 Jordan reveals his true identity  Horrorthon Posts
02/14/2008 Jordan defends Lost  Horrorthon Posts
02/14/2008 Indy Trailer Online  Horrorthon Posts
02/13/2008 George A. Romero Interview  Horrorthon Posts
02/13/2008 Star Trek: A Production Note  Horrorthon Posts
02/12/2008 Out my windows right now  Horrorthon Posts
02/09/2008 Jordan’s Top 10 Star Trek OS Episodes: Some Additional Remarks  Horrorthon Posts
02/07/2008 Cloverfield viral roundup  Horrorthon Posts
02/06/2008 Muppet Blair Witch Project  Horrorthon Posts
02/03/2008 Cloverfield  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
01/28/2008 Are you guys done watching LOST yet?  Horrorthon Posts
12/19/2007 I’m not sure whether to recommend this or not…  Horrorthon Posts
12/14/2007 I Am Legend! (And the fabled Batman excerpt!) (NO SPOILERS WHATSOEVER)  Horrorthon Posts
12/14/2007 Got my ticket!  Horrorthon Posts
12/12/2007 The very first teaser, April 1977  Horrorthon Posts
12/12/2007 Octo, Julie: DON’T WATCH THE LOST TRAILER (below)  Horrorthon Posts
12/12/2007 Some of Jordan’s Favorite Movie Posters  Horrorthon Posts
12/10/2007 Just to remind everybody how it should be done  Horrorthon Posts
12/03/2007 The Tell-Tale Heart  Horrorthon Posts
11/27/2007 WATCHMEN set photos!  Horrorthon Posts
11/22/2007 “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”  Horrorthon Posts
11/21/2007 Mahna Mahna  Horrorthon Posts
11/19/2007 New Cloverfield trailer  Horrorthon Posts
11/01/2007 Happy Halloween!  Horrorthon Posts
10/30/2007 Year-By-Year With Friday The 13th  Horrorthon Posts
10/25/2007 Night of the Living Dead  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/19/2007 The Exorcist  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/17/2007 Barney’s Great Adventure  Horrorthon Posts
10/17/2007 Apologies to Johnny Sweatpants  Horrorthon Posts
10/14/2007 Alien  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/10/2007 Psycho  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/05/2007 Invasion of the Body Snatchers  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/02/2007 The Invasion  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
10/01/2007 Jordan 07 Horrorthon Preview Post  Horrorthon Posts
09/28/2007 Ridley Scott advances his bad argument  Horrorthon Posts
09/21/2007 ’07: Count me in  Horrorthon Posts
08/27/2007 Sunshine is hot; bright  Horrorthon Posts
08/15/2007 1/BOO  Horrorthon Posts
08/15/2007 BOO!  Horrorthon Posts
08/06/2007 LAPD fire sale  Horrorthon Posts
08/03/2007 My Falcon  Horrorthon Posts
07/26/2007 How to watch the Star Wars movies  Horrorthon Posts
07/22/2007 “Wait ’til you see these swell programs”  Horrorthon Posts
07/02/2007 No Comment Necessary  Horrorthon Posts
05/18/2007 Aforementioned Hitchcock/Jimmy Stewart trailer  Horrorthon Posts
05/16/2007 New 2001: A Space Odyssey trailer!  Horrorthon Posts
05/16/2007 Jordan defends Fantastic Four  Horrorthon Posts
03/30/2007 “How you feeling, FAKER?”  Horrorthon Posts
03/28/2007 OF COURSE they got nose jobs  Horrorthon Posts
03/26/2007 Happy birthday Keira Knightley  Horrorthon Posts
03/26/2007 By then I’ll have my own show  Horrorthon Posts
01/16/2007 Paul Simon’s latest release is unnerving  Horrorthon Posts
01/16/2007 “The Double-Crossing Monster” is unnerving  Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts
12/14/2006 Why Heavy Metal is so great  Horrorthon Posts
12/12/2006 Shout out from Jordan  Horrorthon Posts
11/24/2006 zombie roundup  Horrorthon Posts
11/22/2006 Dawn of the Dead  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
11/21/2006 Saw II  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
11/21/2006 Day of the Dead  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
11/17/2006 Video of UCLA Tasering Incident  Horrorthon Posts
11/14/2006 Cell  Horrorthon Posts
10/26/2006 The Bringers of Wonder  Horrorthon Posts / Horrorthon Reviews
07/02/2002 I’ve decided to write like Arthur C. Clarke  Writing