Cartoon Jordan

Thursday, January 21st, 2010 Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts

I didn’t comment on Johnny Sweatpants’ sublime post from Monday only because the whole thing was so perfect that I didn’t want to risk messing it up. But not only am I delighted that “Cartoon Jordan” is well-liked around here (after my fairly-subtle insinuation of the image etc.), it’s especially good timing because I’m feverishly working on some animated cartoons that (once complete) I’ll post here, and I was kind of getting freaked (as Octopunk will tell you) that I’d been working way too hard on something that I didn’t have much assurance was funny or worthwhile (as one always worries while in the midst of a complicated project).

Anyway thank you all! The line about, literally, the line (the design of “Cartoon Jordan”‘s mouth: “Jordan’s mouth is the most expressive line ever rendered in Photoshop”) was of course music to my ears. So, more “Cartoon Jordan” to come…