Interlude 2: Aeon Flux “Tide”

Friday, October 30th, 2009 Horrorthon Posts

Before MTV commissioned the full-length Aeon Flux series (in which the characters speak out loud) there were six dialogue-free “Aeon Flux” short films which appeared on MTV’s excellent Liquid Television animation anthology show in 1991-2. Peter Chung, the visionary creator/director/writer/designer of “Aeon Flux,” provided commentary on the recent compilation DVD box set, compiling all the MTV Aeon Flux material.

The short called “Tide” has a unique structure. According to Chung’s commentary, he was inspired by formal arrangements in music when he conceived it. The entire story is constructed from a sequence of twenty shots, each two seconds in length, which repeats six times. (There’s an additional shot on the end, longer than the rest, that repeats the first shot.)

Here’s the original short:

And here’s a mosaic presentation I made, showing exactly what he means:

He cheats once.