Video of UCLA Tasering Incident

Friday, November 17th, 2006 Horrorthon Posts

I’m posting this because it’s absolutely horrifying, and because it’s germaine to the site: critics of horror movies and violent video games etc. are constantly remarking that violent entertainment “desensitizes” people to actual violence. I say bullshit (and always have) and I offer as a case in point the just-posted You-tube video of the UCLA tasering incident, in which an American college student with a muslim-sounding name and dark skin is tasered by campus security once he’s been handcuffed. The video (which I offer without the slightest trace of “voyeuristic intention” as Magenta put it in Rocky Horror) still has me shaking, because the screams are real.

It’s different when it’s real. Even we, who enthusiastically devour bloody movies at the rate of hundreds a month (if we get to pick the month) understand this. Link to the YouTube video.

“Here’s your fucking Patriot Act!” he screams. Absolutely terrifying.