Shout out from Jordan

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 Horrorthon Posts

Hi everybody! (Dr. Nick Rivera voice)

Barney (my current co-writer) and I have been holed up for months working against a book deadline, so I missed all of Horrorthon, to my intense regret. But the good news is that we made our deadline, and submitted the first draft of our teen supernatural thriller 7 Souls (Random House, 2010). (I’d show you the cover, but I don’t think I’m supposed to.) We’ve received our editor’s notes etc. and are beginning to re-plot for draft 2, but I figure I’ve got a little free time to drop by and say hello to my long-lost Horrorthon brethren.

I was putting off posting because I wanted to come in with something really good. Then I thought, Does that ever even happen? I mean, we could be waiting a long time, is my point. So I don’t have anything good to provide here…except for one minor thing.

I’ve always hated Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, but I grudgingly admit that they’ve got some game (as octopunk would put it). (They’re pioneers in the art of trailer-making, for one thing.) Godzilla is a terrible, terrible movie, but it’s got some seeds of genius that have been very influential, in the decade since. At the time, I said that Godzilla sucked but “had about five minutes of total brilliance” in the first third of the movie (in which, among other things, the monster drags its tail through the Phillip Morris building, which makes me very happy).

Looking at the movie again, I maintain that it sucks but that those same five minutes are still totally brilliant. They achieve something that’s the direct predecessor of similar sequences in The Return of the King, Cloverfield (obviously), War of the Worlds and a bunch of other movies.

So here’s my famous “brilliant” five minutes from Godzilla (trimmed down to three to remove the extraneous material that isn’t cool). They still kind of screw it up: the movie is very badly edited and many of the effects shots are arbitrarily cut in half or interspersed with mismatched stuff, and the actors veer into Superman II “crowd” behavior too often. But it’s a progenitor to a lot of great cinema to come.

I’ll check back in, before going back “in the tank” to write draft 2 (due in March). And I have to go read everyone’s reviews…I can’t wait for that! Anyway, I’ve missed you guys; hope all’s well in Horrorthonland. (Which is like Disneyland except not quite as expensive.)

PS. As a bonus here’s Vic Mizzy’s “Spider-Man” theme song.