LOST knows what they’re doing

Friday, February 22nd, 2008 Horrorthon Posts

Okay, without spoiling anything, I have to say: anyone who watched last night’s Lost and who nevertheless still thinks they’re “randomly” generating plot developments and “don’t have a plan” either isn’t thinking it through, isn’t paying even a low level of attention or is being willfully perverse. Damn it, I remember what it was like to see Twin Peaks painfully spinning its wheels, obviously pretending it all made sense. I’m on the lookout for that kind of nonsense since I don’t watch television and have no patience at all with its shortcomings; at the slightest sign of somebody faking me out, I’m leaving. (I’m still supposed to watch the second half of Firefly and I’m wincing at the prospect because I just don’t think its good television although it’s interesting science fiction.) I have a very low tolerance for TV bullshit, is what I’m saying, so I’d be the first one out the door if Lost was actually guilty of all the sins it’s accused of. Anyway, get the DVDs; catch up; get on board.