’07: Count me in

Friday, September 21st, 2007 Horrorthon Posts

I’m going to try participating in Horrorthon this year. I probably won’t watch nearly as many movies as you guys. I may only just watch a few. And, I may review movies that I watched before October ’07 (like, for example, a movie I watched this week). I know that all of this is a gross violation of Horrorthon protocols but I hasten to point out that I previously discussed all this with octopunk (via secure diplomatic cable) and all these requests have been agreed to. Exceptions to rules can always be made…along those lines, I will additionally be receiving a prize (details to follow in subsequent posts; it will probably be very expensive so I would recommend that you all start saving now.) I will grudgingly provide star ratings also, but I’ll probably forget or screw it up somehow. Anyway, it should be fun.