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Category: Design

2016-11-29 :: Jordan // Design
Meadow House 1

My first full-scale architecture project started in Robert Meredith’s Advanced Architecture class in high school, wherein eight or nine students were given a final assignment of conceiving a small-to-midsize dwelling and executing a certain number of drawings – all done by hand, with pencils and Koh-i-Nor Rapidograph pens on vellum — and an optional model […]

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2015-03-07 :: Jordan // Books + Design + Writing
Star Trek Paperback Covers

As I mentioned in my Slate article about Leonard Nimoy, “The stacks of Star Trek paperbacks we all bought…had glorious oil paintings on their covers that depicted the Trek universe with baroque realism that far surpassed the cheap effects of the show.” Probably the best example from the early-to-mid-’Seventies (Star Trek’s “decade in the wilderness,” […]

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2014-10-31 :: Jordan // Design
The Art of Parody

Ubiquitous early-1970s magazine ad for Earth Shoes (directly below; click for full size), and, below that, a 1974 National Lampoon parody of the same ad (for “Earth Tires”): The “Earth Tires” ad was almost certainly written by P. J. O’Rourke (whose conservative leanings went against the grain of the rest of the masthead), author of […]

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droids Star Wars (1977) monolith 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) metropolis Metropolis (1927) precognition interface Minority Report (2002) Enterprise Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979) space jockey Alien (1979) All-Terrain Armored Transport The Empire Strikes Back (1980) centrifuge 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) spinner Blade Runner (1982) Death Star II Return of the Jedi (1983) […]

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My father worked for Children’s Television Workshop intermittently through the 1970s, starting as a public relations consultant and as the speechwriter for Joan Ganz Cooney, the founder of CTW and, essentially, the creator of Sesame Street. He was involved in the earliest stages of the show’s inception and evolution in 1969-1970, when the idea of […]

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2012-02-07 :: Jordan // Design
Monopoly patent

The cover page of Charles Darrow’s 1935 patent application for the Monopoly game. Apparently the origins of the game are in dispute — the game was invented years before Darrow’s Atlantic City version (and the game’s concept has straddled the edges of intellectual property definitions since its creation). The original version of the game had […]

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