The ubiquitous “OH-HELLYEAH” key

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Writing

I had a dream that I was shopping for laptops, and that the salesperson was demonstrating how each of them had an “OH-HELLYEAH” key that, when pressed, emitted a really loud accordion chord. (It was somewhere near the “K” on the right hand side.)

I was just going to permanently drop this subject, but it was recommended by a close friend that I actually blog about this, so here’s the entry. My friend also recommended that I try my hand and designing the ubiquitous “OH-HELLYEAH” key, which I was willing to do, but it was surprisingly easy to find a ready-made “Accordion” key design (above). I think anyone frantically groping for the “OH-HELLYEAH” key would have no trouble recognizing the familiar icon. Presumably there could be a “quiet mode” or “airplane mode” that prevented quiet places like libraries from being constantly disturbed by the constant blasts of accordion music. (I also dreamed that The Daltonian—the student newspaper from my high school—and the Style section from the New York Times had merged.)