Horrorthon “virginity optimization” project (needs a new name)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 Horrorthon Posts

Obviously I need to come up with a new name; suggestions are welcome. Anyway here’s the idea: I’m really into the movie The Shining (see above picture in which I am literally “really into” the movie). Since I just co-wrote a scary book I found myself watching The Shining over and over for various reasons that I won’t even mention because I’d have to type all day to get across the sublime nature of The Shining (one of Kubrick’s Michaelangelo-like monuments to the sublime).

And I realized, I’ve seen this damn thing so many times that I know everything they’re going to say in the movie before they say it. I can’t even remember the first time I saw it, and, at that time, I’d already read the book (which is very different), so I wasn’t coming at the story “fresh” (or “virginal”).

But maybe there’s somebody on Horrorthon who’s never seen The Shining! That would be great, because (assuming I could induce that person to watch and review it) I could get that particular fun insight into a favorite movie that comes from a friend checking it out and reporting back.

Then it occurred to me that there’s got to be some “crucial” movie of someone else’s that I haven’t seen. Ultimately we’re looking at a simple informational task that would end up with everybody knowing who is the “movie virgin” for their favorite horror movie (or regular movie), and then everyone checking out the movies and reporting back. Like I said, it needs a better name, and we don’t need to do anything that would make anyone feel tired or under pressure (as October Horrorthon stuff can). But, can you dig it? Like Secret Santas, kind of, without any secrets or gifts, but with movie reviews.