Who’s better, Jerry Bruckheimer or Joel Silver?

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 Horrorthon Posts

These two guys have been either turning out peerless entertainment or assaulting the eyes and ears of the moviegoing public (depending on your point of view) for a few decades now. We see these logos and these names all the time, and, without getting into the specifics of their personalities or their histories or whatever, I decided to compare their “blockbuster” track records and see who’s done better in the long run. Here are (selective) filmographies:


American Gigolo
Beverly Hills Cop (x3)
Top Gun
Days of Thunder
Bad Boys (x2)
The Rock
Con Air
Enemy of the State
Black Hawk Down
Pearl Harbor
Pirates of the Caribbean (x3)
National Treasure (x2)
Prince of Persia


The Warriors
48 Hrs. (x2)
Streets of Fire
Weird Science
Lethal Weapon (x4)
Predator (x2)
Die Hard (x4)
The Last Boy Scout
Executive Decision
The Matrix (x3)
V for Vendetta
Speed Racer
Shierlock Holmes

So what’s the verdict?