I’m obsessed!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 Horrorthon Posts

I can’t get over The Real Tuesday Weld (the London band that may just be one guy, Stephen Coates) and the incredible music and animation that those four words continue to mean. Octopunk introduced me to them years ago by walking into my house, opening his laptop and insisting (before even taking his coat off) that I watch the animated video for their “Bathtime in Clerkenwell” (one of several collaborations with Russian animator Alex Budovsky). (The sequel, “Last Time in Clerkenwell“, is even weirder, and its music is vastly more complex.) The below is the first of two new TRTW videos by Giant Squid Eye, who take a completely different approach to a far more conventional song (or is it?)

The entire thing is completely fascinating. Coates calls the style “antique beat” (kind of a musical steampunk? Or would “musical steampunk” be fucking Victorian CoE hymnals?) since it’s built on clarinet, acoustic guitar etc., but it’s also heavily dependent on an old Roland analog synth (the famous MC-303, the foundation of all Acid House). (!). The cartoon is pretty deep stuff, in my opinion…the Biblical lounge atmosphere is surreal. Anyway I thought you ‘thonners might enjoy it all.

UPDATE: Here’s the other Giant Squid Eye/RTW video, “Kix,” in which they violate the basic laws of space and time.