Sunshine is hot; bright

Monday, August 27th, 2007 Horrorthon Posts

Hey everyone! I just wanted to report that I saw Danny Boyle’s Sunshine and it’s fantastic; the best sci-fi I’ve seen in years.

It’s the good, old cerebral kind of sci-fi they don’t make any more, i.e. it doesn’t proceed like a comic book. (Not that I have anything against comic books or movies that proceed like them. Like, um, Dick Tracy. Yeah.) It’s also a blatantly derivative movie, but since the derivation involves 2001, Alien, Solaris, Event Horizon and Armageddon, that’s just fine with me.

Also, Chris Evans (“The Human Torch”) totally steals the movie! It turns out he’s an amazing, amazing actor and he was just behaving like that because the script says Johnny Storm is an idiot. (See above remarks viz. comic books, etc.)

If anyone’s interested I’ll write more about Sunshine, but I just wanted to strongly recommend it. (By the way my astonishingly clever title above was intended to convey that the movie is both good and smart.)