Red Car Redux

Thursday, July 17th, 2008 Horrorthon Posts

Wow! I’m so glad I brought this up. Look at the crazy variant edition Cord they did! I’d never seen that before. (I can’t imagine the car museum liking it much, but I could be wrong.)

They’ve been doing Hot Wheels Cords for a long time:

The ’37 810 Cord has become one of the most sought-after cars in the high-end collector market due in no small part to its advanced design and forward-thinking technology. Designed by Gordon Buehrig, the 810 Cord had a front wheel drive and a Lycoming engine. The timeless body style featured retractable headlamps and a wrap-around grille that has awed car enthusiasts for over six decades. Hot Wheels pays tribute to this great car with a replica of it in 1:64 scale. Real Rider whitwall tires (deluxe rubber tires), on the roof the tampo says Hot Wheels Milestones 2002.

list of Cords on eBay | eBay auction 1 | eBay auction 2

The variant edition is blowing my mind. It makes me think that they must have done a straightforward version of the ragtop coupe. Everyone asked me why I made a model of the sedan and not the coupe. I said, “Because the sedan came first. And, anyway, the sedan IS the Cord; the other thing is a beautiful re-examination of the problem, but it’s a different car.” (I get to say things like this and everyone nods gravely. It’s great.)