Mazes 2

Saturday, April 17th, 2010 Horrorthon Posts

Above, a shot from the Vivian Kubrick documentary about the making of The Shining that’s on the movie disc, showing the production team’s working map of the “real” maze set—the one Jack chases Danny around inside of. (Note that this is yet another construction, indoors, and is not connected to the “maze exterior” location from the beginning of the movie.) This was an indoor set (“Stage 1” at Shepperton studios in Borehamwood, England); they also built an open-air “maze interior” set for the steadicam shots in the earlier sequence of Wendy and Danny touring the maze.

Obviously they only built a small portion (but included the area meant to be the maze’s “center”). The arrows presumably describe the various high-speed steadicam shots in the movie’s climactic chase.

For those keeping track and counting mazes, there was the “maze exterior” set (below), the daytime, open-air “maze interior” set, the enclosed, smoke-filled nighttime “maze interior set” (diagram above); the miniature (below), and then the map and the model on the table inside the hotel.

UPDATE: A little Photoshop never hurt anyone. I tried to get a better view of the map from the above image; results below:

UPDATE II: I’ve updated my mazes page to remove all the wrong stuff I said before I understood the maze’s basic orientation, and to add these new pictures: