New Cloverfield trailer

Monday, November 19th, 2007 Horrorthon Posts

The much-anticipated second trailer of Cloverfield (or whatever it’s actually called) is now available here at Apple.

I suspect a bunch of you already saw this in front of Naked Fake Angelina this weekend, but here it is in more accessible form so we can all pore over it.

ADDENDUM: How about that: the movie actually is called Cloverfield. Everyone was anticipating the actual title (and worrying that it would be something dumb like The Big Monster or Gigantic!) while referring to the “Blue Harvest”-style code-name “Cloverfield” as an “open secret.” And it turns out they just called it Cloverfield.

One thing that’s been obvious for a while about this flick: There sure ain’t no happy ending. It looks like Blair Witch meets War of the Worlds by way of the Godzilla trailer (minus the odious actual Godzilla movie).