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Category: Comics

2012-02-12 :: Jordan // Comics
Bill Watterson and reality

Willam Boyd Watterson II, the J. D. Salinger of the strip cartoon, has blocked all merchandising of his characters and has apparently only been photographed once (the 1986 “file photo” above). Like Salinger and Pynchon and Kubrick (and Alan Moore), Watterson not only prefers that his work speak for itself, he insists on it; his […]

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2012-02-08 :: Jordan // Comics
Alan Moore video chat

If you want to actually see and hear Alan Moore discussing his work and other topics (which is not easy to do), Here’s a two hour chat with Moore (who’s lurking in some Alan Moore steampunk castle somewhere in foggy, soggy England, hunched close to the camera with a light shining upwards on his face, […]

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2012-02-02 :: Jordan // Comics
Watchmen prequels

So everyone’s up in arms and conflicted (including Jonathan Lethem) about DC Comics’ plans to release various Watchmen prequels. Alan Moore told the New York Times that the idea is “completely shameless” and pointed out that there were no sequels to Moby Dick (which I think is a bit much, but that’s the way he […]

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