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Category: Cartoons

2017-02-01 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Writing
Silent Third Panel

As I look (again) at Peanuts — the entire 50-year-project, and its astonishing achievement — I’m noticing new things. I’ve learned, for example, about how everyone credits Schulz with inventing not just the classic “four-panel gag strip” but the crucial innovation of the “silent” third panel, which Garry Trudeau (whose style I appropriate here) and […]

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2015-05-03 :: Jordan // Cartoons
Author Photo

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2014-11-26 :: Jordan // Cartoons
Ralphie Reviews the new iPhone 6

(click for full-size)

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2014-06-18 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Writing
Perfection or Calcification?

“Peanuts” ran from October 1950 to January 2000 — nearly 50 years (“The longest continuous story ever told by a single author”). In all that time, there is not a single strip to which anyone but Charles M. Schulz applied pencil or ink — the only cartoonist ever to earn a million dollars a month […]

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2013-10-17 :: Jordan // Cartoons

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2013-07-29 :: Jordan // Cartoons
One Cow’s Opinion

A NOTE ON THE TEXT: While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the limits of bovine verbal expression and the corresponding ethological and zoological challenges inherent in the tasks of interpreting the utterances of cattle provide severe restraints on comprehension and translation of oxen opinion. The incapacity of cow language to convey abstract […]

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2013-05-14 :: Jordan // Cartoons
Aunt Mary’s Kitchen

Mary K. Brown was one of the small group of renowned visual artists regularly contributing to National Lampoon back in the day (which also included cartoonists Roz Chast, Mark Alan Stamaty and Gahan Wilson, as well as illustrators like Bruce McCall, comic book artists like Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz and Walt Simonson and fantasy painters […]

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Another archived cartoon, which I’m going to blithely pass off as a sardonic critique of Katie Holmes’ new Elle cover:

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2012-07-09 :: Jordan // Cartoons
Sound Effects

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2012-01-19 :: Jordan // Cartoons
space heater

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2011-02-03 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts

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2011-02-01 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts

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2010-06-20 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts
Are You Happie™?

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On the subject of mastering trivial tasks, here is my cat “Little Cat” (illustration above) who demonstrates a profound mastery of the fabled feline “Sideways Hand Technique” (see fig. 1 above). (Note that Little Cat has vestigial “Hemingway thumbs” as many cats do.)

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I’m pretty sure this is the first thing (or the main thing) Octopunk is referring to here. Birthday card from slightly more than ten years ago. How about that. Click for larger image.

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2010-01-21 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts
Cartoon Jordan

I didn’t comment on Johnny Sweatpants’ sublime post from Monday only because the whole thing was so perfect that I didn’t want to risk messing it up. But not only am I delighted that “Cartoon Jordan” is well-liked around here (after my fairly-subtle insinuation of the image etc.), it’s especially good timing because I’m feverishly […]

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2009-11-26 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts
Genius I tell you!

Octopunk and I were talking about this on the phone last night. There’s a growing bilious reaction to James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar. My favorite new stuff is on Gawker, here: The Mounting Evidence That Avatar Will Suck, Part 1 The Mounting Evidence That Avatar Will Suck, Part 2: An Eyewitness Account Anyway, are we not […]

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2009-10-12 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts
Teenage Boys

Not a movie review; just another recent cartoon (prompted by a discussion with my friend about his teenage step-son). Click image for larger view. I’ll be back on the clock soon, boss.

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These villains constantly pursue me!

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2009-05-15 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts
Zack On My Back

Zack On My Back is a children’s rhyme that my friend David composed for his godson Zack a few years ago and asked me to illustrate. (This was way before octopunk and julie had their own Zack.) Now that 7 Souls (my teen supernatural thriller, co-written with my genius friend Barnabas Miller) is complete, I’ve […]

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From the Horrorthon Archives (circa 1957): “‘ Terrifying,’ according to the New York Herald Tribune, although opinions vary. The titular monster is indeed menacing, thanks in large measure to its obvious untrustworthiness, leading to set-piece scenes of violence like that depicted on the cover. ‘Not for the faint of heart,’ insist the publishers.”

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