Jordan 07 Horrorthon Preview Post

Monday, October 1st, 2007 Horrorthon Posts

1) I will watch horror movies. I will not get anywhere near the sheer volume of titles watched by the other participants. I will review the movies as is appropriate.

2) I will comment on other reviews. I will in so doing occasionally express a certain amount of (for example) extreme contempt for certain movies or filmmakers or (alternatively) extremely long-winded adulation for others; this should be interpreted within the framework of Horrorthon wherein it’s just a bunch of half-assed opinions and nobody gets hurt except the unlucky victims in the movies.

3) I’m interested in certain extremes of the genre: multiple generations of the same idea; flashes of modernism in very old horror movies; rationalist vs. Jungian or Freudian horror; thematic connections between stories; and, especially, moments of unusual technical brilliance or imagination that make all the difference.

In 23 minutes…