Zack On My Back

Friday, May 15th, 2009 Cartoons / Horrorthon Posts

Zack On My Back is a children’s rhyme that my friend David composed for his godson Zack a few years ago and asked me to illustrate. (This was way before octopunk and julie had their own Zack.) Now that 7 Souls (my teen supernatural thriller, co-written with my genius friend Barnabas Miller) is complete, I’ve asked our agent to help me find new gigs as an illustrator and given him Zack On My Back to evaluate as a potential portfolio piece. I hadn’t looked at this stuff in a while, but I really want to do more drawing and painting and I thought I’d show this stuff to you guys to get your opinions and/or any recommendations you might have in terms of me finding art gigs. Comments/critiques welcome!