Draft complete; Jordan emerges from bathysphere

Friday, April 17th, 2009 Horrorthon Posts

On Monday, we turned in the second draft of our young-adult supernatural thriller 7 Souls (“we” meaning myself and my writing partner Barney). I say “young-adult” because that’s the market, the characters etc. but it’s really aimed at any reader from any age group who’s into this kind of thing (cynically, anyone willing to surrender a swipe of their credit card in exchange for our unassuming little diversion). 7 Souls is now on schedule for Random House’s Spring 2010 list, but of course that could change.

Anyway, I’m, like, blinking in the sun like somebody who’s been trapped in a mine for 40 days or something. I want to go out among “humans” again; I must visit these “bars” and “gathering places” I have read about while locked away. Given that this is “Horrorthon” I thought I’d drop by with, like, way, WAY early news about an upcoming scary book, but mostly I wanted to drop by to say hello! I like what you’ve all done with the place, what with the groovy poetry-slam coffee house beatnik thing going on every week and the intense photo galleries the rest of the time. Someone’s going to say, “Why doesn’t Horrorthon have horror movie reviews?” the way that people say, “Why doesn’t MTV play music videos?” Except they’d be wrong, because you still have them.