I dreamed I was talking to David Bowie

Friday, November 8th, 2013 Writing

I dreamed I was talking to David Bowie through a doorway in an upstate house. We both sat on the floor. He had a Tilda Swinton mask that was only half the face and a young David Bowie mask and he wore one over the other. I told him to please stop the instant he was tired of talking and he agreed. His ankles and feet were bare and they stuck out through the doorway across the floorboards. I asked him about Nicolas Roeg and asked him to compare him to Kubrick and whether Roeg understood beauty and Bowie insisted that he did. I wanted to bring up Lou Reed but I didn’t have the nerve. I wanted to ask him about Jean Genet but all I did was say “Jean Genet” and he smiled indulgently and I could tell the dream was ending. I thanked him for “Sons of the Silent Age.”