UPDATE: Great Cinematic Moments of the Bass Coming In (now you can WATCH them!)

Friday, July 2nd, 2010 Horrorthon Posts

If you kids are done syllable-counting, I want to mention that I uploaded clips of some of the aforementioned great bass-coming-in moments I posted about early this morning. Click here to watch clips from Silent Hill, The Queen and Miracle Mile. Boost your speakers and get ready for goosebumps!


50PageMcgee UPDATE: sorry to keep bumping these two posts all over the place. i’m moving them back to the top only because i took a big whack at trying to reply to Jordan’s posts in as great a level of detail as possible without breaking my own brain. if you have no interest in this topic whatsoever, disregard. but if you’re curious about the inner workings of music, i tried to present some nerdy stuff about it, and i’ve tried to do so in a way that’s not too hard to digest. there’s *a lot* here (and some of it is nestled amidst Jordan and HandsomeStan beating the crap out of each other over 2010), so i won’t be offended if it gets skipped, or if people don’t comment.

but if you are interested, please, read on.

PS – an additional word of caution, now that i’ve reread what i wrote: my idea of “digestible” might differ from yours to some degree.