The very first teaser, April 1977

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 Horrorthon Posts

By the end of May, 1977, lines would be stretching around the block and the cover of Time magazine would be given over to a view of Luke in his beat-up speeder racing across the dunes of Tatooine, but, in mid-April, all we had was the first couple issues of the MARVEL comic adaptation (sold out at the candy store near my house, but my friend had issue #2), and insane rumors from the recent sci-fi conventions that got breathlessly discussed at the comic book store where I and other fifth-graders would congregate. “Have you heard of this movie that’s coming out?” I asked my friend Reuel (who lived in Brooklyn); he had, and he told me a couple of stories he’d heard from older kids who claimed to have seen parts of it or seen pictures from it. But one rainy afternoon after school I was trudging toward the 86th Street crosstown bus stop with my bookbag and I passed a plate-glass window and saw this. I stopped dead in my tracks and stood in the rain staring at it for about ten minutes with the Lexington Avenue traffic passing behind me. I had only vaguely heard of “Dolby Sound” (from someone’s audiophile dad) and wondered what it had to do with movies. And I thought, A galaxy far, far away… Yeah. I definitely liked the sound of that. An unforgettable moment.