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Archive: February 2017

2017-02-17 :: Jordan // Politics + Writing
Out of Touch

What’s absolutely infuriating me right now, more than the daily psychic blows of the Trump era, is the way that my own (and others’) expectation that Hillary would win the election is being turned into a blunt-force rhetorical weapon against us—against myself personally and others who think like I do, as recounted everywhere, daily—not just […]

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2017-02-01 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Writing
Silent Third Panel

As I look (again) at Peanuts — the entire 50-year-project, and its astonishing achievement — I’m noticing new things. I’ve learned, for example, about how everyone credits Schulz with inventing not just the classic “four-panel gag strip” but the crucial innovation of the “silent” third panel, which Garry Trudeau (whose style I appropriate here) and […]

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