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Archive: April 2009

2009-04-28 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Star Trek IMAX tickets!

I’ve got two tickets for Star Trek The IMAX Experience, in Manhattan, at the Upper West Side IMAX, 7:45 on May 12th. I’ve got to unload these tickets. Can any New York-based ‘thonners help me out? If not you, maybe someone you know? It’s the Tuesday after the movie’s opening weekend. Thanks!

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Obviously I need to come up with a new name; suggestions are welcome. Anyway here’s the idea: I’m really into the movie The Shining (see above picture in which I am literally “really into” the movie). Since I just co-wrote a scary book I found myself watching The Shining over and over for various reasons […]

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On Monday, we turned in the second draft of our young-adult supernatural thriller 7 Souls (“we” meaning myself and my writing partner Barney). I say “young-adult” because that’s the market, the characters etc. but it’s really aimed at any reader from any age group who’s into this kind of thing (cynically, anyone willing to surrender […]

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2009-04-03 :: Jordan // centex
IMG 0166.jpg

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