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Archive: May 2013

2013-05-14 :: Jordan // Cartoons
Aunt Mary’s Kitchen

Mary K. Brown was one of the small group of renowned visual artists regularly contributing to National Lampoon back in the day (which also included cartoonists Roz Chast, Mark Alan Stamaty and Gahan Wilson, as well as illustrators like Bruce McCall, comic book artists like Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz and Walt Simonson and fantasy painters […]

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2013-05-11 :: Jordan // Politics
Apparent Retrograde Motion

Rush Limbaugh is easy to dismiss (or rather, to not “take seriously,” since his statements are so exuberant and grandiose — so obviously geared to foment certain primitive emotions in his listeners), but I think he’s very interesting. Limbaugh is absolutely crucial to those entrenched, institutional forces of injustice, malfeasance, and the corruption and exploitation […]

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2013-05-04 :: Jordan // Books + Writing
There is No Moriarty

In 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle was done with Sherlock Holmes, the literary “consulting detective” he had created in 1886, whose appearances in two novels and 23 short stories had made Doyle wealthy and famous (and who is currently considered the most popular fictional character in history). “I think of slaying Holmes in the last [of […]

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2013-05-03 :: Jordan // Politics + Writing
Not With a Bang

There’s a scene in Stephen King’s 1978 apocalyptic epic The Stand (in the 1990 extended edition, with the wonderful Berni Wrightson drawings and the lamentable Cyndi Lauper references) in which we are able to read several of the final top-secret reports by one of the United States government scientists who are desperately trying to contain […]

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