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Archive: May 2012

My father worked for Children’s Television Workshop intermittently through the 1970s, starting as a public relations consultant and as the speechwriter for Joan Ganz Cooney, the founder of CTW and, essentially, the creator of Sesame Street. He was involved in the earliest stages of the show’s inception and evolution in 1969-1970, when the idea of […]

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I had a dream that I was shopping for laptops, and that the salesperson was demonstrating how each of them had an “OH-HELLYEAH” key that, when pressed, emitted a really loud accordion chord. (It was somewhere near the “K” on the right hand side.) I was just going to permanently drop this subject, but it […]

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There’s more to Bullitt than just that car chase, even if there doesn’t need to be — the famous 110-mile-per-hour Charger vs. Mustang duel (where the shocks blow out and the cars bounce over the hilltops like skateboarders) comes at you like the stargate in 2001 earlier that year. Bullitt is so 1968 it hurts, […]

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2012-05-02 :: Jordan // Writing
My Mad Men predictions

[Obviously, Spoiler Warning up to and including the most recent episode (Season 5 Episode 7, “At The Codfish Ball”)] At the beginning of the season — i.e. before the Madchen Amick dream sequence, before Heinz (ironically, “Some Things Never Change”) and before the bordello sequence — I predicted that 1) Don will be 100% faithful […]

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