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Archive: January 2010

On the subject of mastering trivial tasks, here is my cat “Little Cat” (illustration above) who demonstrates a profound mastery of the fabled feline “Sideways Hand Technique” (see fig. 1 above). (Note that Little Cat has vestigial “Hemingway thumbs” as many cats do.)

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I’m pretty sure this is the first thing (or the main thing) Octopunk is referring to here. Birthday card from slightly more than ten years ago. How about that. Click for larger image.

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2010-01-21 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts
Cartoon Jordan

I didn’t comment on Johnny Sweatpants’ sublime post from Monday only because the whole thing was so perfect that I didn’t want to risk messing it up. But not only am I delighted that “Cartoon Jordan” is well-liked around here (after my fairly-subtle insinuation of the image etc.), it’s especially good timing because I’m feverishly […]

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2010-01-11 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts + Horrorthon Reviews

A whole bunch of stupefied guys who just saw Avatar (2009) ** [UPDATED BELOW] 1) I didn’t like AvatarI didn’t like Avatar. However I am not here to start a fight. I’m not indignant or resentful or marginalized or offended or anything like that. I just didn’t like it…I found it dull. My posting here […]

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