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Archive: February 2008

Okay, without spoiling anything, I have to say: anyone who watched last night’s Lost and who nevertheless still thinks they’re “randomly” generating plot developments and “don’t have a plan” either isn’t thinking it through, isn’t paying even a low level of attention or is being willfully perverse. Damn it, I remember what it was like […]

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For me, the best part of all this TOS discussion is that I keep learning stuff I didn’t know before; sometimes it’s basic, elemental ideas that I can’t believe I’ve missed for thirty years, and other times it’s somebody’s clever insight that I’ve never thought about before. Looking at the new/old versions of the imagery […]

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2008-02-19 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
TOS SE Recommended

I’ve reversed my earlier opinion on the new, enhanced “Special Editions” of original TOS episodes. The first season is out on hybrid DVD/HD DVD (too bad, huh?) discs, and, judging by copies of the earliest episodes, I have to admit that they’re doing a great job. I just had to get my head around it […]

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2008-02-17 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Jordan renders II

Here are six models I’ve been working on recently as jpx mentioned. You can click and then click again for larger versions. The Nostromo sure is creepy looking, isn’t it? A side-by-side “car dealership showroom” comparison like this emphasizes how even the innocuous parts of that movie have an ominous, unsafe mood to them. UPDATE: […]

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Having just added four really long comments to my already-overbearing argument about LOST, I have to finally face the truth about myself: I am Comic Book Guy. It’s not a pleasant realization but then life is filled with moments of searing, unforgiving self-knowledge like this one. I must learn to live with the pain, and […]

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2008-02-14 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Jordan defends Lost

Because I have a spectacular talent for wasting time, and because I love Lost, and because it’s been called to my attention that Whirlygirl is dealing with some recalcitrant people who have mounted an all-too-familiar attack on the show, I have to weigh in. In previous posts about Cloverfield, various Horrorthoners have addressed the disquieting […]

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2008-02-14 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Indy Trailer Online

You can see the first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Question of Whether They Can Still Do This at the official site, here. Me? I liked it.

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The Onion AV Club has an excellent interview with George A. Romero today, in which he discusses his new zombie movie.

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In the ‘Sixties, television production companies had a much simpler and more primitive relationship with the networks and their viewers than they do today. Remember that there was no “fourth network” like FOX, no cable TV at all, and no “first-run syndication” networks. There were no VCRs, either (let alone seasonal DVD boxed sets). Every […]

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2008-02-12 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Out my windows right now

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Thanks to jpx and JSP I had the opportunity to select and critique my ten favorite original Star Trek episodes (posted here on Horrorthon). It was a surprisingly rewarding endeavor, since it forced me to document a few decades’ worth of Trek thinking. While working on something else the last couple of days (involving a […]

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This page presents an accumulated list of all Cloverfield viral/web information (with links) so you can read it all without doing all the grueling investigation. (Now that the movie’s in theaters I think it’s okay to just read this stuff rather than sleuthing it all out.) Overall, it’s a fascinating Lost-style backstory for the movie […]

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Oh my God… I don’t know how long this has been around or if anyone else has seen it, but I can’t stop laughing. Click here.

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2008-02-03 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts + Horrorthon Reviews

2008 (*****) (NO SPOILERS WHATSOEVER) Wow. I’ve been home for about half an hour and the adrenaline’s finally starting to abate — walking out of the theater, I was practically shaking with cathartic nervous anxiety, which, in my opinion, is how you should feel walking out of a horror movie: like somebody who just got […]

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