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Archive: May 2015

2015-05-22 :: Jordan // Writing
Mad Men Outgrew Its Ads

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has insisted that the show’s ending was planned out years in advance. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m convinced he’s telling the truth—and that he should have come up with something else. It’s not that the Coca-Cola “Hilltop Ad” coda is bad, necessarily—there’s a certain holistic brilliance to it—but the […]

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The Great Gatsby “Chapter 8” Well, we finally got the flashback we wanted — or thought we wanted — as well as a rather pedestrian double homicide that we weren’t even allowed to witness. (Those of you who predicted in last week’s comments that we’d get the rumored Gatsby death tonight can congratulate yourselves; I […]

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2015-05-03 :: Jordan // Cartoons
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