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Archive: April 2012

2012-04-25 :: Jordan // Writing
M. Night Shyamalan movie

This is the M. Night Shayamalan film in which people’s heads are falling off. You see people sitting around on park benches, in offices, driving etc. and their heads fall off. Pause and then a spurt of blood etc; they fall over. More people’s heads fall off. M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN (dressed as priest): “My entire […]

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2012-04-11 :: Jordan // Movies + Politics + Writing
Movie trailers

Not “trailers” as in “Coming Attractions” (or, the three-minute-no-second ads for movies that are a burgeoning art form in themselves) (I made one myself for my favorite movie). I’m talking about actual trailers, or “mobile homes” or “ten-wides” or “single-wides” depending on what sort of construction or zoning nomenclature you’re using. Would you ever want […]

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