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Archive: August 2011

2011-08-31 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
The Amazing Spider-Man

So here’s the thing. There are differences of opinion about origin stories; about silver age comic books; about certain comic book artists and movie directors; about cynical franchise trends. These differences of opinion occasionally surface here on Horrorthon. But I submit to you: Amazing Fantasy # 15, August 1962, 12 cents. The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s […]

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[I wrote most of this as a comment on the caption contest results below (“Bitter? Oh, a tad…”) but I wanted to elaborate even more.] This material is not funny. Worse, it’s what you might call “aggressively un-funny” because it works by means of a perversion of the basic mechanics of humor and sympathy and […]

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2011-08-09 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
New Tintin poster!

How do you like those apples? There’s a big version over here. To all you actual Tintin fans: What do you think, huh? This kind of confirms what we already knew about how “The Secret of the Unicorn” has been somehow combined with “Cigars of the Pharaoh.” Or rather, the brief sequence on the trawler […]

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