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Archive: July 2010

2010-07-27 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
What is 7 Souls?

We’ve just finished our new web campaign for 7 Souls, which you can see here. We’ve found a spoiler-free way to extend the actual book’s story into a different presentational medium. I’d be very interested to hear any horrorthon comments/critiques as we begin implementing and attempting to publicize the campaign and the book, were any […]

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2010-07-18 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
God of War Indie Film

These people made a trailer for a movie based on God of War if it were a Wes Anderson movie. As Cal at Cal’s Canadian Cave of Cool opines, “The guys who made this totally nailed Wes Anderson’s annoying style of filmmaking. It shows how everything great can be ruined by a spin through the […]

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After he gets off the phone, Anthony Edwards checks the time on the nearby outdoor clock (above). See the billboard?

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After the lively discussion the other day I’ve decided to start writing like Arthur C. Clarke; herewith the

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If you kids are done syllable-counting, I want to mention that I uploaded clips of some of the aforementioned great bass-coming-in moments I posted about early this morning. Click here to watch clips from Silent Hill, The Queen and Miracle Mile. Boost your speakers and get ready for goosebumps! 50PageMcgee UPDATE: sorry to keep […]

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I mention 50 because, until Octopunk’s Tron Legacy post a week ago, I had no idea that anyone on Horrorthon geeked out on movie music even more than me (since I’ve been known to get into discussing flattened fifths myself). (I’ve made a few special modifications myself. But, we’re a little rushed…) Anyway, off the […]

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