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Archive: June 2010

2010-06-29 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
The Next Generation

Pretty much every time I bring up Star Trek The Next Generation I’m saying something bad about it (unless you catch me on those rare occasions when I’m referring to the super-binge-marathon where I watched all seven seasons, back in 2006 or thereabouts, and came to really appreciate and admire the whole project). Just a […]

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This occurred to me recently and I wanted to ask what other Horrorthonners thought. Obviously you could say “the Force” or “the Jedi” but I guess I’m asking in a more abstract, elemental “pure cinema” sense. What were the basic visual/auditory innovations that gave the thing its fundamental punch, up on the big screen for […]

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2010-06-25 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Toy Story 3

***** (2010) GUARANTEED 100% SPOILER-FREE I’m not going to say much beyond insisting that all of you just go see this, and marvel at the unparalleled artistry of Pixar. I’ll just make a couple of quick points: 1) It’s the best 3D I’ve ever seen, bar none. They really know how to do it. My […]

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These two guys have been either turning out peerless entertainment or assaulting the eyes and ears of the moviegoing public (depending on your point of view) for a few decades now. We see these logos and these names all the time, and, without getting into the specifics of their personalities or their histories or whatever, […]

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2010-06-20 :: Jordan // Cartoons + Horrorthon Posts
Are You Happie™?

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2010-06-19 :: Jordan // centex
IMG 0015.jpg

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2010-06-16 :: Jordan // commissions

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Big version here. Merchandise (t-shirts, mugs etc. with the cover) here. From that site: The Nation’s celebrated cover — already a classic — features original artwork by Brian Stauffer. The image of George W. Bush-as-Alfred E. Newman graced our cover on November 13, 2000 just as George W.’s reign began. Were we right or what?

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2010-06-02 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
What if I don’t?

(New checks from the bank.)

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