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Archive: May 2010

2010-05-23 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
7 Souls

This is probably as a good a time to get into this as any, so here goes. I certainly can’t tell you how to spend your own money. And this isn’t like recommending movies; it’s craftier and more underhanded. Nevertheless: I co-wrote a teen supernatural thriller called 7 Souls (along with friend/writing partner Barney Miller, […]

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2010-05-20 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
No spoilers; one comment

Last night, ABCTV broadcast #120 of a total of 121 episodes of J. J. Abrams/Bad Robot’s sci-fi/fantasy saga LOST. That’s right, non-fans; we addicts, we strangers amongst you who watch LOST, are living in a perishable world that will come to an end next week, when the show completes its story. And my comment (having […]

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From a Huffington Post slideshow of the “most awesome Star Wars products of all time.” Great stuff. P.S. You guys are done with your stone cold rhymin,’ correct? It’s okay for me to post without besmirching the sacred Hump Day rituals? (Kidding)

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2010-05-10 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Big Lego

Shout out to Octopunk: furniture based on Lego building brick designs.

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From Nasa: May 4, 2010: “Standard orbit, Mr. Sulu.” Captain Kirk barks out the order with such confidence. He knows the USS Enterprise can slip in and out of planetary orbits with ease. But it’s only easy in the realm of science fiction. In the real world, such maneuvers have been impossible –until now. Enter […]

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