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Archive: April 2010

1) Yeoman Rand 2) duplicate Kirk 3) brig force field 4) argument with computer 5) Vulcan lyre

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2010-04-26 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
More Bill Elder!

Here are seven more Bill Elder classics from the “older, darker” Mad. Mole! (December 1952)Shadow! (April/May 1953)Shermlock Shomes! (October 1953)Shermlock Shomes in The Hound of the Basketballs! (October 1954)Restaurant! (October 1954)Howdy Dooit! (December 1954)Mickey Rodent! (January 1955)

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2010-04-26 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Favorite panel

There are so many candidates…but this is probably my favorite panel from “Starchie.” Mainly because you get to work your way through the whole “Betty and Veronica look alike” joke in all its elaborate detail, and think you’re done with the panel…and then Bottleneck punches that kid in the face as they walk past.

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2010-04-25 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts

Since you guys are going bananas over Archie, you should read the June 1954 Mad parody “Starchie” (drawn by legendary crazy genius Bill Elder). If you’re not familiar with the history of Mad, all you need to know is that it started out as a much more insane and evil comic book (from EC Comics, […]

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2010-04-19 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Horrorthon blues

1) I want everyone who hasn’t already to go pay lots of attention to my two posts from over the weekend, about the maze in The Shining (and my Avatar post with the two and a half minute clip from the movie, showing That Big Thing Back There). 2) I really don’t want to not […]

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2010-04-17 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
More Avatar

Everybody liked the most recent Big Thing Back There (#7) from Avatar, but I was the only one of us who could actually watch it move. So, to fix that, here’s the entire 2 minute 45 second sequence of Sully’s troop landing.

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2010-04-17 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Mazes 2

Above, a shot from the Vivian Kubrick documentary about the making of The Shining that’s on the movie disc, showing the production team’s working map of the “real” maze set — the one Jack chases Danny around inside of. (Note that this is yet another construction, indoors, and is not connected to the “maze exterior” […]

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2010-04-16 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts

Taking a closer look at the “famous hedge maze” in The Shining.

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“Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due” DEPT: That Big Thing Back There, courtesy of James Cameron, who displays a triumphant mastery of the concept in the above images from Avatar. (Click for larger versions.) This stuff is so good that I was frame-advancing through the sequence just to watch the Michael Whelan painting move three-dimensionally, […]

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I’m working at cross-purposes to myself here, because I love Space: 1999 and I want everyone to watch it (Look at that incredible production design!), but I also dislike nepotism and I kind of wish a better actress had played the important role of Dr. Helena Russell besides the odious Barbara Bain, whom I’ve described […]

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2010-04-08 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Okay, okay…

No, it’s not actually Angelina Jolie starring in Space: 1999 as Dr. Helena Russell (below); it’s the one and only Barbara Bain, Martin Landau’s then-wife, whom I described in my “Bringers of Wonder” review as “the most dreadful actress ever to step before the cameras or audience in any medium ever including industrial training films […]

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Recently JPX mentioned that he’d rented the first DVD of the 1975 British sci-fi television series Space: 1999, starring Martin Landau and Angelina Jolie, which is one of my favorite television shows (and one of Octopunk’s, too). You may recall my review of the Season Two Space: 1999 episode “The Bringers of Wonder” for Horrorthon […]

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2010-04-02 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
The Internet in 1969

This is pretty amazing!

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2010-04-01 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Undercover Boss

Any other H’thonners into this show? I never watch reality television but I’ve eagerly devoured all eight episodes of this excellent, Dickensian CBS series. It’s uplifting and troubling at the same time; I think it’s, like, the essential chronicle of these our times. Anyway I’m curious if anyone else from our little corner of the […]

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