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Archive: February 2010

2010-02-25 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
James Blish

See? See? This is who I was dealing with while reading those Star Trek paperbacks I discussed below. Look at the picture! Exactly the guy you want relating Kirk & Co.’s adventures, right? (It was not easy, being a sci-fi fan back then.)

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About a week ago I posted photographs of the contents of a box of old paperbacks I’d retrieved from my parents’ house. Of course you all immediately noticed the glaring omission in that post: I display the ostensibly-complete sequence of James Blish books (called Star Trek 1 through Star Trek 12) with two volumes missing. […]

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I dropped by my parents’ house today on unrelated business (my Mom’s computer…don’t ask) and finally decided to deal with this specific box of old paperbacks that has been sitting in the corner of my old bedroom for about twenty years. It’s not like my parents even live very far away — it’s like a […]

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“Oh, no!”Five years ago, Keith Martin, a Star Wars fan (whose other characteristics are unknown to me), thought very hard about the implications of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and how it integrates with and changes the plot of the original movies. Specifically, Martin tried to reconcile the events of the final ten minutes of […]

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Here are the original 1991 versions of the Expando Machine cartoons, made back when I actually lived on Columbus Avenue and had a cat named Mugsy. I used a Macintosh SE (the computer that’s actually in the story) to make these original low-res, 1-bit versions with no color and no sound. It’s an interesting comparison […]

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After a long development process I’m finally done with my epic animated trilogy The Expando Machine (which is only about five minutes long in total). This weekend I made HD versions; I strongly recommend them (the 720p HD links) over the smaller movie files. Anyway more “cartoon Jordan” (as discussed).

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