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Archive: June 2009

George Pal was a fair-to-middling producer/director of high-concept sci-fi spectacle movies in the 1950s (like “Destination Moon” and the original “The War of the Worlds”). In other words, he was the Roland Emmerich of the Truman/Eisenhower Era. Anyway he made a movie called “When Worlds Collide” in 1951 (based on a novel of the same […]

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2009-06-29 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Nobody likes my posts!

My remarks about the awesome-looking new disaster movie 2012 just below are the latest in a series of Jordan posts that nobody seems to care about (except octopunk, who’s kind enough to spare me a sardonic remark out of pity in between his diaper-changes and Spider-Man archivia). Was it something I said? Where’s the love? […]

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