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Archive: December 2008

Since this is Horrorthon, the “season of giving” means “giving” the gift of ultimate horror (unless there’s something wrong with my logic). Anyway here’s four minutes and forty-six seconds of pure unspeakable dread. I’d say the body count for this clip dwarfs every horror movie seen by every Horrorthon participant this year (and it takes […]

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2008-12-26 :: Jordan // centex

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2008-12-19 :: Jordan // centex

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2008-12-14 :: Jordan // centex

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2008-12-09 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Shout out from Jordan

Hi everybody! (Dr. Nick Rivera voice) Barney (my current co-writer) and I have been holed up for months working against a book deadline, so I missed all of Horrorthon, to my intense regret. But the good news is that we made our deadline, and submitted the first draft of our teen supernatural thriller 7 Souls […]

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