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Archive: December 2007

When I Am Legend opened last Friday, I scrambled to see the very first IMAX showing, at one in the afternoon. I was so desperate to see the movie that I considered forgetting about IMAX and seeing the 10:30 AM show, just because it seemed like a better option than waiting two and a half […]

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So I Am Legend was just fantastic, as was the special five-minute excerpt from The Dark Knight that came first (and was probably the reason all the IMAX showings are sold out). (One of the great things about living where I live — as an “East Coast jerk” — is that the closest IMAX theater […]

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2007-12-14 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
Got my ticket!

I just got my online ticket for today’s first IMAX showing of I Am Legend — so in just a few hours I can stop frantically ignoring every jpx/handsomestan posting that refers to the movie. I’m off to the moving pictures!

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By the end of May, 1977, lines would be stretching around the block and the cover of Time magazine would be given over to a view of Luke in his beat-up speeder racing across the dunes of Tatooine, but, in mid-April, all we had was the first couple issues of the MARVEL comic adaptation (sold […]

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Just sayin.’

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2007-12-03 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
The Tell-Tale Heart

1954 (*****) Thank God for YouTube, because without it, I’d be doomed to spend another thirty years fruitlessly searching for this exquisite seven-and-a-half-minute animated film, which scared the crap out of me in a fifth- or sixth-grade 16mm showing in school (so much so that I couldn’t sleep that night without the light on). Like […]

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