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Archive: July 2007

Last November, Horrorthon Elder Statesman jpx took time out from his busy schedule of watching and reviewing horror movies (remember: there is no prize) and generously volunteered to teach us the finer points of Haddonfield study with his excellent, seminal HOW TO WATCH THE HALLOWEEN FILM SERIES BY JPX. Herewith, I humbly present HOW TO […]

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My current favorite Tex Avery cartoon, “Cellbound” (1955), up on my site for a limited time. Enjoy! (The Warden is my favorite part, btw).

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2007-07-02 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
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This is just an old “infographic” from The Onion that I came across by accident while looking for something else. But I couldn’t get my eyes off the image, which pretty much says it all.

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