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Archive: May 2007

Yesterday, in the trailer discussion, I mentioned an old Hitchcock/Jimmy Stewart trailer as representing the absolute worst of all pre-modern movie trailer conventions. I went back and looked, and it’s not Rope; it’s The Man Who Knew Too Much (a far worse film; this is the one Hitchcock made twice, and didn’t quite get right […]

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Hey guys, get a load of my trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey! (Trailer, page etc. are 100% scratchbuilt. Octopunk’s friend Adam first suggested “making a movie trailer” to add to my portfolio, and a guy I talked to at R/Greenberg associates also mentioned this concept when I talked about my interest in the design […]

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I guess this falls into the “Guilty Pleasures” category. I checked out the original Fantastic Four (2005) again (in preparation for the sequel) and I have to say that I actually really dig it. I know this places me in a category of scorn-deserving fools, but I’ve just got to be honest about my likes […]

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