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Archive: November 2006

2006-11-24 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts
zombie roundup

Here are a few extraneous points I wanted to make about zombies, Romero’s zombie movies, and the Dawn of the Dead remake. 1) I added this to the bottom of my review of Dawn of the Dead (2004) directly below, but I don’t think anyone saw it, so I moved it up here: ADDENDUM II: […]

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Well, this was the dessert course that nobody expected, wasn’t it? A big slice of cappucino cheesecake sent over compliments of the chef and on the house—with brandy, espresso and a Cuban cigar. Yeah. For me, these zombie movies turned out to be a roundabout re-introduction to what makes right now, the present moment, such […]

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2006-11-21 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts + Horrorthon Reviews
Saw II

Very clever indeed. This definitely kept me guessing until the end, and (unlike its predecessor) was put together with a cinematic flair that actually justified a lot of its more garish features (like those stacatto montages that octopunk complained about so hilariously). I’m glad somebody decided to just write James Wan a check, thank him […]

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The zombies are better. There’s no question about that. Day started very strong, with the helicopter-level view of the blasted-out landscape and the much-improved zombies staggering around. The subsequent portion introducing the setup in the underground base was intriguing and suspenseful, and the mad doctor trying to “domesticate” the zombies (having tacitly given up on […]

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I’m posting this because it’s absolutely horrifying, and because it’s germaine to the site: critics of horror movies and violent video games etc. are constantly remarking that violent entertainment “desensitizes” people to actual violence. I say bullshit (and always have) and I offer as a case in point the just-posted You-tube video of the UCLA […]

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2006-11-14 :: Jordan // Horrorthon Posts

I’m not sure what kind of Horrorthon post this is — whether it’s a review or just a normal post like we do when it’s not October — but I just read Stephen King’s Cell and I wanted to talk about it and see if any of you fine gentlemen had read it.As far as […]

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2006-11-04 :: Jordan // centex

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2006-11-04 :: Jordan // centex

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2006-11-04 :: Jordan // centex

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