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Use The Bronx Defenders Sentencing Calculator to determine possible sentences for various offenses.

Please read our Legal Disclaimer.

If you're in trouble, this website can help. You can contact your lawyer, learn when your next court date is, or locate an inmate in a New York State correctional facility.

Immediate Legal Assistance If you, a friend, or a family member is facing a legal problem, Bronx Defenders can help. Click here for clear answers, including information about finding a lawyer, making bail, and organizing prison visits.

Social Services and Counselling If you're not facing an emergency, but need help finding food, shelter, or assistance of any other kind in the Bronx, Click here for phone numbers, addresses, and names of people who can help.

Learn About Your Case This section contains information for existing Bronx Defenders clients. Click here to find out how to contact your own lawyer, and for other resources that can help with your case.

Dealing With The Police The information in this section is meant to ensure that your rights are not violated when you encounter the police. Click here for information about getting your confiscated property returned or filing an official complaint.

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