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This Group is a memorial to Chadwick Senior Mary Shayne (1993-2010). Mary was murdered on March 26th. (Article)

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Ally Kleiger (creator)

Chloe Dennis

Mary Shayne Memorial

Chloe Dennis  The ARTICLE IS OUT! April 20 issue of Metro Magazine, on newsstands now! I will scan the article as soon as I can and post a link.

April 13 at 8:11 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

Chloe Dennis  Did it! Here's the article link! LINK

April 13 at 10:22 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

Douglas Perry  Thanks!

April 13 at 11:55 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Brian Anderson  That "article" is total bullshit. IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH, GO TO MY SITE.

April 13 at 2:58 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Patrick Dawes  Brian Anderson, I don't know who the hell you are, or what gives you the right to say anything about Mary. You're just another pathetic obsesso-geek with a crush, and your website makes me SICK. STOP SPREADING YOUR PARANOID GOSSIP BULLSHIT ABOUT MARY AND SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR THE DEAD.

April 13 at 4:20 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

EyeIsWatching43  She got what she deserved.

April 4 at 12:07 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

Brian Anderson  Who are you, EyeIsWatching43? Do you go to Chadwick?

April 8 at 3:04 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

Eugene Yu  I was in her physics class, and I want to express my sympathies to Ellen and her family. I think Mary was truly awesome. I don't even think she knew my name, but I'll really miss her anyway. I can't believe what happened. It is a terrible tragedy.

April 4 at 11:50 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

Tim Hartley  It's very sad for everybody, but I have to wonder: are we really just going to memorialize her like this and totally ignore everything we all knew about her?

April 3 at 7:03 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Karen Golden  I'm with Tim. Why are we pretending she was such an angel? She was anything but.

April 3 at 10:39 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Brandon A. Polk  Amen to that.

April 3 at 11:12 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Stacy Ingram  Dont you haters have anything better to do? Seriously, keep it to yourself. We're all grieving.

April 4 at 10:13 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

Chad Mercer  I'm still in shock. Is there going to be a candlelight vigil on Friday or not? I will really miss Mary. There was no one else like her and there never will be.

April 3 at 7:03 PM · Comment · Like · Flag


April 3 at 5:22 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Bill Gordon  I heard this rumor too.

April 3 at 6:05 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Alison Li  It's true. The reporter talked to my mom last night. Supposedly it's going to be a feature article in the next few weeks

April 3 at 6:41 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Melanie Kurzweil  Thank you guys SO MUCH for doing this. I've been having trouble dealing with this and it really helps to have something like this to turn to.

April 3 at 3:02 PM · Comment · Like · Flag

Chloe Dennis  I couldn't have said it better than Ally. I'm not even sure what to say because I'm still a little in shock. I just can't believe we've lost Mary Shayne. Not only was she like my total style icon, but she lived her life with such grace. She was like Chadwick's answer to Audrey Hepburn. She just made it all look so easy. I can't even imagine what Chadwick will be like without Mary walking through those lobby doors every morning like a breath of fresh air.

April 3 at 11:28 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

Ally Kleiger  We know it has barely been a week since the horrible tragedy that has devastated the Chadwick community, but Chloe and I felt like we all needed a place to express our feelings about Mary and the terrible loss we have suffered. Mary was SO not like anyone I've ever met. Not only was she so beautiful, but she was also so special. She always made me and Chloe feel like superstars, even though we know we could never be as amazing as the one and only Mary Shayne. I know we all will miss her so much, and hopefully, this page will make us all feel a little less alone. We love you, Mary.

April 3 at 10:58 AM · Comment · Like · Flag

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